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Jane Fonda joins TikTok and revives her iconic ‘Jane Fonda Workout’ amid COVID-19

Amid Coronavirus pandemic, all people are staying in their homes to contain the COVID-19. Fitness is one important aspect of our daily life. So, during this Quarantine period famous fitness revolutionist Jane Fonda came forward to cognizant the people about Fitness mantra.

Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda restored her well-known exercise routine on social media. She is also known for revolutionizing the home fitness industry in the 1980s.

Grace and Frankie star took a good step to make a big announcement. She introduced herself while interacting on Tik-Tok, “I am going to bring back the ‘Jane Fonda Workout’ for your home isolation”. She announces in the video, where she’s dressed for an intense round of aerobic choreography.

The VHS workout traded 17 million copies during the pinnacle of their rage in the ’80s. She started home fitness video on Tik -Tok platform during Coronavirus pandemic so that the benefit can reach millions of people. Last year Fonda launched “Five Drill Fridays” to draw attention to climate change and requesting for sudden action. The octogenarian and her prominent friends got arrested for cause pertaining to climate change.

During the promotional video, she said that she wants to bring the world’s attention towards climate change besides COVID-19. She conveys the message through a video, “I would really like for you to do a workout with me for the planet. There’s a climate crisis that’s a real emergency and so, whether you’re on your couch or your yoga mat, will you join me for the virtual Fire Drill exercise Fridays?”

Fonda also told she’s been spending her social distancing time writing and spending quiet time alone and working out, but that she misses seeing her grandson and her friends and going to the movies.