Dragon city mod apk v 10.0: Here is everything you need to know about it and how to download!

Dragon City – Collect, Evolve, and Build your Island – an unbelievably famous strategy for the entire world, where you will end up being the ace all things considered. Mastermind your little drifting island, make there it’s one of a kind and biggest homestead, on which you will develop fire-breathers.


Float through the oceans and overcome new territories and islands. Become the leader of the entire world, make new sorts of dragons, and discover a way to deal with them, merit their trust and rule!

This is a strategy game, however, it is joined with development and reproducing. You can make yourself a kingdom of incredible dragons to have the option to win everything and move to the top. On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to sit the entire day on your PC to deal with your dragons, download “Dragon City Mobile” presently. With the Mobile adaptation of the game, you can play the game whenever, anyplace.



The game has a place with the class of strategy, however, it is joined with rearing elements to make greater assorted variety in the interactivity of the game. With regards to raising animals, most players will consider ranch games with pets here as pigs, cows, chickens … But this is the uniqueness of the game, animals for players to group Breeding is the dragon, the celestial race. There will be endless dragons with various ascribes to browse.

The game has a battling component where you will choose 3 of the dragons that you have in your assortment to take an interest in the match. Every dragon can have one trait or a wide range of characteristics relying upon their level. Another component of battle is the contrast between the frameworks, for instance, the dragons with the Water characteristic will neutralize the dragons with the Fire component. Pick a reasonable crew to counter the adversary’s dragons.



The more qualities a dragon has, the more grounded it will be on the grounds that the more mixes the more aptitudes it has. Dragon cultivating isn’t simple in any way, every dragon has an alternate trademark so likewise eating and birth or extraordinary. Fire-component dragons will live in hot conditions like volcanoes, water-quality dragons will live in a lake. So you have to find out about their highlights before raising to evade the instance of not having suitable everyday environments.