Clash of Clans mod apk v13 180 16 unlimited gems: here is every detail on the best strategic game you can find!

Clash of Clans – this is the most well-known game on Android! You will have the option to fabricate your town, improve it, grow and vanquish new regions. To do this, you have to make your ground-breaking armed force and use strategies to win. The military here is different, running from troopers to dragons.


Clash of Clans over the years have stayed in the mobile devices for very long. The addictive strategic game about destroying clans has turned out to be quite a blockbuster in gaming. With players over time have updated the game on a daily basis too.

The fourth and apparently last sneak look of the Summer 2020 update for Clash of Clans uncovered the Headhunter, another Dark Elixir Troop that explicitly targets saints.


Accessible at Town Hall 12, the Headhunter is a run ground Troop that flings savage cards at its foes, doing additional harm against Heroes. Notwithstanding multiple times the harm to legends, her assaults deliver Poison Spell harm and impacts on Heroes and Troops. The Headhunter is likewise ready to bounce over dividers, permitting her to promptly target Heroes and other adversaries.

The Headhunter is a ground Troop that requires six lodging speed. She can assault up to three tiles and target both ground and air units.

Past the gameplay specialist and assault system, the structure of the Headhunter is similarly as great. Supercell has truly ventured up its plan game with the new Troops and Building levels.


Between the new Super Troops, the Headhunter, the equalization changes, and personal satisfaction refreshes, this update is turning out to be a serious decent one.

Make certain to return for the official fix notes once the Summer 2020 update goes live for Clash of Clans.