Dragon Ball Super shows off Vegeta’s most explosive Tournament of Power!!

On the English dub series,” The Dragon Ball” Super’s Tournament of Power has finally reached its finale. With just five minutes left out, Vegeta and the remaining of the seventh universe were left to face the final two of the eleventh universe.

But it seems like Goku and the remaining others have all figured out that Jiren would be posing a serious problem especially when the second in command was revealed that he was actually a candidate selected to be a Destroyer.
Jiren, who was granted the power of Hakai through his training in pursuit to become one of the gods of Destruction, has easily pushed Vegeta right to the brink.

Dragon Ball Super shows off Vegeta's most explosive Tournament of Power!! 3

However, the last episode of the Dragon Ball English Dub has shown one of Vegeta’s most memorable moments with his explosive defeat of the Top.
In Episode 126, it is clearly shown that Vegeta was at his wit’s end as to what he was supposed to do against Top. After knowing that Top has cast away most of his values to become the Destroyer, Vegeta’s prideful nature has almost burned away. Vegeta just couldn’t stand himself being defeated by Top. Hence, to motivate himself, Vegeta starts to remind himself about his family and Cabba.

But none of Vegeta’s attacks actually worked against Top’s Hakai shield. But Vegeta has not lost his hope and detonated himself just the way he did while fighting against Majin Buu.

But unlike the first time he tried to detonate, Vegeta’s power has grown so much that he indeed was able to survive the explosion. Vegeta’s body has toughened over the years, and he stayed alive after using such a force. However, Vegeta had become worse, especially after expelling so much of energy.

But Vegeta was successful in eliminating Top from the Tournament.