DRACULA SEASON 2, YES OR NO? Fans obsessed with Dracula and have high expectation!! Checkout for release date, cast, plot and story line!!

Is there a possibility for Dracula season 2? Dracula season 1 is formatted as three ninety minutes episodes and was aired on BBC One in the UK, from first to third of  January 2020. It is also available on Netflix in the United States. The creators of the series are Steven  Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

The lead role of the series, Dracula, is played by the Danish actor Claes Bang.  Dracula follows the story of Bram Stoker’s novel, and then a wild divergence from the real story is also shown. Moffatt and Gatiss are going beyond Stoker’s writing to explore Dracula’s legend and character, adding new twists to the mythology, while also agreeing with the classic Hammer Horror films.

As far as now, there are no plans for Dracula season 2, it was in October 2018, that BBC commissioned Moffat and Gatiss for the series. The filming took place from March till August 2019 to make its January 1, 2020 air date in the UK.

If Dracula season-1 proves to be successful, there are chances for a second season to be aired.


We can assume that the lead cast Claes Bang would appear as Count Dracula in Dracula season-2. The rest of the cast may include all those who have survived in the first season.


Dracula s an immortal villain, so an infinite number of stories can be made based on him. Dracula had been alive since the 15th century, and even a further past can be added to the story. But as the episode 3 of Dracula has ended up with a shocking time jump into the present-day London, with the Count Dracula dead, we can expect a season-2 by making him alive by some evil magic, to continue his evil deeds, anywhere, anytime.