Dr Stone season 2: Here are some rare details you need to know before the release. Check out release date, cast, plot and more updates.

The anime show with a huge popularity, Dr Stone. It is weekly published in the Shonen Jump Magazine. First season of the show made its viewers fall in love with it. But it was not the end. A second season for the show is gonna hit the screens. And with this second season they aim to convey a lot of scientific knowledge to the fans.

The success of first season made the production house really happy with it. Moreover, Taiju Oki, Senku Ishigami and Yuruziha Ogawa, are some important characters of the play since the very beginning.


But at the time Taiju proposes Yuruziha, there was a green light that petrified all of the humanity. And almost 3700 years after the petrification Senzu and Taiju wake up about six miles apart.

After some time we see the Kingdom of Science has attained more gadgets and this would help them to disclose the mystery of petrification. Meanwhile, the show will also have the same pace and it’ll continue making new discoveries. However, this will be interrupted by Senku and co. By resurrecting humanity.


This is what we can expect out of an anime that is made on alcohol. According to the show’s producer, the production team was so indulged in alcohol during the anime Expo 2019. TOHO animation and Shueisha are the two producers of the anime whereas, Lino Shinya is the director.


According to the present news, Dr Stone season 2 will come up with much more fun, action and than it had in the first season. Moreover, we’ll probably get the answer for what was the cause of petrification in the upcoming season. This is the biggest doubt of all the fans that’ll be revealed in the second season.