Does Blake Williamson has his eyes on Bachelor 2020? Read to find out.

Love Island star from Australia Blake Williamson wishes to appear in The Bachelor.
The 28-year-old hunk talked about this while answering a question from a fan over Instagram stories. “Yeah sure, why not?”, Blake said. He further added that he was still single and was going strong at this rate.

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What Blake wants his girlfriend to be like:
Blake was very clear of what he wanted his girlfriend to be like: “Kind and caring”. He also went on to explain that he did not have any “outrageous” standards to look for in his girlfriend.

While telling fans that his parents and sister always persuaded him to get himself a girlfriend, the man talked about his choices. ” I love my health and fitness, as long as someone is going to gel with that lifestyle,’ he said, before adding: ‘I just want someone I can have fun with. Someone of the kind, caring nature. I think they’re big things. Also intelligence.” He told his admirers over Instagram that he is just waiting for the right time with the right girl.

The reality show star was lately spotted embracing and snuggling with Margarita Smith whom he dated on Love Island. Nevertheless, he has reaffirmed that they are just friends at present.

Blake Williamson and Margerita Smith

Blake Williamson shot to fame after contending in the second season of Love Island. Hailing from Gold Coast, Blake is a personal trainer and currently has 142,000 followers on Instagram.