Death Note’s “Light Yagami” is a character we can never forget? The bright and talented kid chose a way that made Death Note a treat to watch!! Checkout the details..

Light Yagami is a very famous character of the famous anime series, named as the death note.

In the series, he has been seen as a person who has the problem of extreme bipolar disorder. Also, he was a very bright student and showed interest in studying religiously on the topics and even made sure that his work is remarkable and maintained his standards. 

Talking about his desires, he wants to become a police officer or a detective, just what his father is. He was a type of person who is strongly determined to do things and focuses on peace rather than spreading any sort of hatred.  

                                                      pic credits- unknown

He had different theories about life, such as he said that the world is not evolving and all it cares about is being involved in violence and sadness, and he feels through death note he can now save everyone from this darkness and become the savior one the world needs. 

Not only did he just want to become a savior because he felt the world needed help, but he also felt so because he had –  messiah complex- a disorder or a state of our minds where a person believes that whatever happens, they are meant to serve people and become their savior. 

Some sources revealed that he is a powerhouse! He is just like a person who would kill innocent people! But is it true?


Not actually, he did kill people but not for joy, and for what he did so, it’s suggested you watch this anime series as it’s a very interesting one, suggests sources. 

He has been popular so much because of the godly power he possessed because of which people called him narcissistic, but instead, he was humble, as he went to any extent to use his powers to save anyone.