Disney Star Raven Symone Shocked Fans With Her Hush- Hush Marriage to Miranda Maday! Check it out.

It seems like our very own Raven Symone has made a big revelation recently and fans are pretty much surprised! Let us take a look at what is this big announcement all about.


That’s So Raven Star Finally Got Married In A Private Affair! Have a Look.

Well, the former Disney star is officially married and is off the market! The Disney star has announced her marriage via her Instagram account and uploaded a happy and adorable picture with wife Miranda Pearman-Maday.


She uploaded the picture and penned down a heartfelt note saying that she finally married the woman who understands her from trigger to joy and from stage to home! Fans are elated and the picture got enormous of likes and comments within no time. Take a look at the exclusive picture from the weddig thatthe actress uploaded while making the marriage announcement go public.


The Actress Made The Announcement Via Social Media.

She alsowent on to explain how people would understand why the wedding was an intimate affair keeping in mind the situation prevailing all over the world. Moreover, another familiar face from Grey’s Anatomy was not only invited but also reportedly catered for the occasion.


Later several pictures from the D- Day were uploaded via stories with Raven wearing a black outfit and Maday wearing the beautiful white dress and a veil. It was a pretty private affair with a few people invited amd share the hapliness with the blessed couple. While fans were surprised with the sudden announcement it was pretty much assumed after Maday shared a crptic message on her social media account. Well, we wish the couple all the happiness in life and they sure do look happy.