Different Types Of Vapes You Should Know About

About a decade ago, e-cigarettes started gaining popularity. Ordinary smokers discovered that they could use them to kick their habits and overcome their addictions once and for all. After all, smoking isn’t easy to quit.

A lot of development has gone into e-cigarettes. However, they are now known by another name, vapes. Vapes are extremely popular and are even used by people who’ve never smoked a cigarette in their entire lives.

If you are interested in taking up vaping, then it’s a good idea to learn about them first. This post will tell you about the different types that you should know about.


Cigalikes are vapes that look just like cigarettes and are also called e-cigarettes. More often than not, cigalikes have no flavor and are just used by people who’re quitting smoking and still want to get nicotine. Cigalikes are very affordable and are usually disposable. Such products are not used by hobby vape users, or by people who’re trying to get high (which will be explored in more detail towards the end of this post). If you are trying to quit smoking, then they are worth considering.

Vape Pods

Vape mods are one of the most popular types of vape devices, used by recreational users, and people who’re trying to quit smoking. Pods don’t tend to be much bigger than cigalikes, though it’s possible to change the vape capsule inside of the device, which means that they are reusable, unlike cigalikes. Pods are the most popular type of vape device on offer in UK vape shops, and in the shops of many other countries. Vape pods are also very affordable, which makes them a fantastic option for people who are new to vaping and want to try it out.


Vape mods are the most powerful type of vape, and also the most expensive. These devices tend only to be used by people who’re very experienced. More often than not, users graduate from pods to mods. The good thing about mods is that they are very durable and can be used for long periods of time, without breaking. If you are looking for a device that you can use for many years, then you should consider a vape mod. These devices are also a lot more powerful and are able to hold much larger vape capsules. You can sometimes even put more than one capsule in these devices, and alternate between them.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are small, streamlined, and easy to carry. If you are somebody who’s interested in vaping but does not want to buy a pod or a mod, then a pen is worth considering. The downside to pens is that they tend to deteriorate quite quickly. In other words, they aren’t as durable. They don’t hold as much charge as the other devices listed here, either. Vape pens are a good idea for people who are new to vaping, though. If you haven’t got a lot of experience vaping, then they are worth considering.


Disposables aren’t necessarily a category of vape, since many different types of vape devices can be disposable. More often than not though, vape pens and cigalikes tend to be the most disposable of them all, meaning that it’s rare to find these devices with removable cartridges. Disposables are a good idea for people who do not plan on using vapes long-term. If you only want to vape while you quit smoking for example, then disposable pens are a great choice. Disposable vapes also tend to be very affordable, making them a good choice for people on a budget.


Vape Juices

There are many different types of vape juices. Some have more chemicals in them than others do. If you’re somebody who’s concerned about chemical intake and doesn’t want to use a product that is high in them, then you need to give a lot of thought to the brand of vape juice that you buy. Ideally, you should buy vape juice from a brand with a commitment to offering gourmet products. Do a lot of research before you commit to buying vape juice so that you can be sure it is safe for you to use, and low in chemicals.


Most vape capsules contain nicotine. However, it is possible to find ones that don’t. If you are not a smoker and have never been one, then you should consider finding a product that’s free from nicotine. You can actually get vape capsules that contain essential oils and other products, designed to improve your health. You can even get capsules that contain Cannabis, which will be explored in the next section. If you aren’t a smoker then it is not wise to take up vaping nicotine, since you could get yourself addicted to it for no reason.


If you live in a state or country where Cannabis is legalized, then you will be able to find vape products that contain THC and CBD oils. THC is the component of Cannabis that’s responsible for producing a high. Therefore, if you want to get high but do not want to smoke Cannabis flowers, then you could just buy a vape that contains THC. Such products do tend to be expensive, as you would expect from any Cannabis product. Never buy Cannabis vape products if they are not legal where you live. Make sure that you never bring them back to your country from a country where they are legal, either. Doing this can get you into a lot of trouble.


Finally, if you plan on vaping, then think about flavouring. There are literally thousands of flavours of vapes on the market. Many of them taste totally artificial. However, some do taste genuine. If you are going to take up vaping then it is a very good idea to find a genuine tasting one. Artificial-tasting vapes can be very sickly, nauseating even. The ones that taste genuine tend to be expensive, though.

Vaping is a popular hobby for a lot of people, some of whom have never even smoked cigarettes before. It’s common to find people vaping everywhere, even in restaurants and bars. It’s a lot better for you than smoking and can even be fun. Make sure to find the product right for you if you intend on taking it up.