Did hair extensions actually save this Scottish Woman from stage three breast cancer? How? Read to know the full story behind it.

We all have heard how sometimes something trivial can save your life in surprising circumstances. Well, something similar happened to this woman. Let’s find the whole incident out.

The Woman Is Herself Surprised On How Her Hair Extensions Actually Saved Her.

Believe it or not, but recently a young Scots woman who is battling cancer has revealed how new hair extensions have actually helped save her life. Scottish woman Laura Larkin thanked her 18-inch locks for helping her find a lump under her breast. The 25-year-old from Livingston in West Lothian, discovered a tumor while running her fingers through her hair after a shower when she made this discovery.

Laura admitted that the lump was in a word place under the breast. She would not have made the discovery if she wasn’t playing with her hair. The twenty-five-year-old woman loves to wear hair extensions that add that extra volume to her hair. However, she never expected those extensions would help her in such a manner.

The Lump Was Discovered Just When The Woman Was Playing With Her Hair Extensions!

After she underwent the teats, it was seen that the gene tests revealed she had the BRCA2 gene, commonly known as the breast cancer gene. That’s when Laura decided to have a single mastectomy last month. However, it could have been much worse had she not run her hands through her hair, as the cancer had already progressed to stage three.

The incident is surely surprising and makes us believe in something called luck. The woman had a quick save after she realized that hidden lump under her breast. This incident sure do places things into perspective. We are shocked for sure.