‘DESIGNATED SURVIVOR’ Season 4 updates: its not happening, but season 3 end end has some emotional tribute! [Spoiler]

The last season of ‘Designated Survivors, ‘ which was the third of the series, came out in July 2019. Since then, due to its highly engaging plot, there has been huge unrest amongst the audience as to when the next season will be aired.

However, much to everyone’s disappointment, it has finally been confirmed that there will be no season 4. Netflix gave out a statement expressing their gratitude to each and everyone linked to this project, with special mentions to the star Kiefer Sutherland, the showrunner Neal Bear, and the creators David Guggenheim, Mark Gordon, Suzan Bymel, Simon Kinberg, Aditya Sood and Peter Noah for amazing and engaging work.

They also said that these three seasons should forever be available on Netflix. Even Sutherland posted a video online saying how much of a pleasure it was to be working on a platform such as that of Netflix. The final declaration about the discontinuation of the series was though made on Scala Radio by the protagonist of the show during an interview with Simon Mayo. The reason given by the makers of the show was the complicated contract.

They further added that the contract was quite different than those of the television. Hence they could not book all the actors as a result of which many of them took up new projects. Furthermore, they said that creating a new season would be a complicated task to do, and hence the actors should engage in other work now. However, Netflix has neither accepted or denied these comments until now.


The end of the third season saw the re-election of President Tom Kirkman. Emily (Italia Ricci) was shown to have an emotional ending where she leaves the election celebration with eyes full of tears.