Denzel Washington Confirmed the Filming of “The Equalizer 3” to Begin this Year

Gear up for a new action-thriller

Exciting news for Denzel Washington’s fans has recently surfaced. During the press tour for his movie The Tragedy of Macbeth, the Hollywood actor has confirmed that the filming of his famous action thriller sequel, the Equalizer 3 would start this year. Impersonating the role of Robert McCall, the veteran actor appears very excited about his new project.

The script of the mind-blowing thriller has already been laid out, and the actor appears to be more than ready to start working on it.

Beating people and getting in shape

Depicting his love for action, after the release of his film Tragedy of Macbeth last year, getting an action thriller once more has made things much exciting for the actor. The actor is determined to focus on getting in better shape so that he could beat people to a pulp again!

Now, aren’t we all waiting for a visual treat with the return of this magnificent thriller alongside our favourite actor? Even though the actor has not revealed a specific date for the work to begin, Denzel’s love for action was evident at the press tour of his recent release.

Denzel Washington
Instagram| Denzel Washington

Antoine Fuqua to unite with the crew of Equalizer 3

Based on the TV series, The Equalizer movie, starring Denzel Washington as a former Marine turned Intelligence officer, who goes after a Russian Drug mafia, is famous. As the first two parts, the movie’s third part will also be directed by Antoine Fuqua. The first part of the movie series was released in 2014, whereas the sequel to the movie was released in 2018.

Both the movies performed well in business. Antoine Fuqua, who last worked on a movie starring Will Smith, is in talks to start working on the sequel, and how to progress with it. Equalizer 3 marks the fifth collaboration between the Oscar-winning actor and Antoine Fuqua, following movies like Magnificent Seven, Training Day.

Denzel Washington
Instagram | Denzel Washington

What are we expecting with the return of Denzel Washington as Robert McCall?

While the first Equalizer instalment gained fame by the audience and did well commercially, the second movie wasn’t as popular among the audience but still managed to score well at the box office. Hopes are not specifically too high with the third movie, but everybody likes a quality actor performing well-choreographed action on the screen!