Kanye West Blocked from Entering By Kim Kardashian’s Security; Reason is Pete Davidson? Details Below

The feud between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian getting uglier

The disputes between Kanye West or “Ye” and his wife Kim Kardashian have been the talk of Hollywood for a little while now. Amidst the uncertainty over the couple’s relationship, and Kanye trying to win back his wife, things seem to have gotten bitter.

The 44-year-old singer, in his statement to Hollywood Unlocked, said that he was stopped from entering Kim’s house and was refrained from seeing his kids because Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson was inside. 

Kanye says he wasn’t informed of the new rules

Giving details about the situation, Kanye said that his oldest kid North West wanted him to come inside, but he didn’t argue with the security, instead, he just took the kids to school and brought them back. Once they were back, North insisted her father come inside but he had to deny saying that “daddy can’t come inside”. He also added that these rules of him not entering the house haven’t been defined anywhere and the security was able to stop him even after stating that he was North’s father and the wealthiest Black Man.

Kanye West Blocked from Entering By Kim Kardashian's Security; Reason is Pete Davidson? Details Below 1
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An opinionated cousin to the rescue

Kanye’s fury increased when he got to know that the new boyfriend was in the house at that time, and he wasn’t even allowed. He then called his opinionated cousins to go and talk to Kim about two things. Kanye wanted two things to be taken care of, which were he was not thrilled to see North on Tik Tok, and he didn’t want security to meddle between him and his kids.

North has recently started a Tik Tok account with her mother and Kanye has indicated his hostility over his kids using Tik Tok without his permission. Well, the things are getting ugly between the duo! 

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Kim Kardashian upset over the accusation

A close source to Kim Kardashian has stated that Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson is yet to be introduced to the kids, and whenever he visits Kim in LA, he stays at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Despite this, West has accused Kim of stopping him from entering the house, stating Pete as the reason.

Kim has stated that she was really saddened by Kaye’s “public outcries” and that she has always protected the kids, and just wants Kanye to schedule his meetups with kids rather than entering the house unannounced to ensure better communication. Let’s just hope for the matter to be settled before it gets out of hand.