Demi Lovato Celebrates Body Positivity With Some Extra Glitter Paint And An Adorable Little Shoot!

It seems like one of our favourite singers is preaching the message of self-love being the best form of love and we sure do agree with her!

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder And More!

Singing sensation Demi Lovato has recently penned down an extremely candid about her eating disorder and how she has been struggling with t for so many years! The heartfelt post came along with a few pictures where the singer celebrated her body stretch marks by putting some glitter on it and the results are quite good!

As the singer admitted that at first she genuinely thought that recovery from an eating disorder wasn’t real! However, she realised a lot when Demi Lovato’s dietitian looked at her and said This is what eating disorder recovery looks like! Here’s a little sneak peek into all the impressive glitter work  along with the heartfelt post.


The Singer Did An Adorable Little Shoot During Quarantine For A Special Reason!

The Sorry, not sorry singer wanted to honour the place she is today, and that’s why she organized a small shoot in quarantine this summer as the singer wanted to celebrate my stretch marks instead of being ashamed of them. Demi Lovato went on to explain that she used the glitter paint to celebrate her body and all its features.

The singer recalled how she had lived a life for the past six years that felt like wasn’t her own, even admitted that her sugar intake was tightly monitored to such an extent that many years she didn’t even have a birthday cake. The closest she got was a watermelon cake that also with fat-free whipped cream on her birthday.