Miley Cyrus Crushed Hard On Harry Styles, Admitted Him To Be Good Looking And Might Kiss Him As Well!

While fans surely can it get enough of the singing heartthrob Harry Styles, it seems like another celebrity might be crushing hard on the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker!

Miley Cyrus Gushed About Harry Styles said He Is Good Looking!

Singing sensation Miley Cyrus recently appeared in Heart FM on Christmas Day and admired that Harry Styles is indeed very good looking and she would like him! The singer made the revelation while taking part in a fun game of would you rather while getting into the festive mood.

Presenter Mark Wright gave two choices to the Malibu hitmaker and gave her the option to choose between Justin Bieber And Harry Styles and asked who would she kiss under the mistletoe! While both of them are quite the heartthrob, Miley did not waste much time and soon chose Harry Styles! Listen to the whole interview which turned out to be a fun one as Miley gave some really interesting answers ! Here’s the interview clip given right here.


The Malibu Hitmaker Appreciated Harry Styles’s Fashion Sense And His Fishnets!

While Miley had to admit that Harry Styles is indeed very good looking but there’s another reason why she chose him! According to Miley, she has known Justin for so long that he is basically family so it came down to Harry Styles!

Miley Cyrus made a special mention about Harry Styles’ fashion sense while referring to Beauty Papers magazine earlier this year, where the star recently posed in just fishnets and loafers. While the presenter suggested that Harry Styles is single, to which Miley jokingly said that everyone is trying to play Cupid for her these days! She also felt like there’s loads of similarities between them.