Deleter: The upcoming spine chilling techno horror of Milkhail Red featuring Nadine Lustre as the lead role

Deleter- The upcoming horror

Filipino Actress come singer Nadine Lustre to be featured on the upcoming psychological horror film Deleter directed by Mikhail Red. Nadine Lustre along with Louise Delos Reyes and Mccoy Deleon are the rising stars and will be playing the lead role in the Milkhail Red’s Deleter.

 The production and the beginning

The movie Deleter will be produced under an established production house Viva Films which had previously produced Erik Matti’s thriller “Busy Bust”. This will be first work that will be in collaboration between Red and Viva. The Film is targeted to release in the Film Festival which takes place in the end of 2022 and in the beginning of 2023. The production will be wrapped around the end of September.

The Story outline

Nadine Lustre will be playing the role of Lyra who is an online content moderator who deleted a video of her co worker doing suicide. But she herself can’t escape from her scary past as well as her present.

The Aim of the Movie

As per the Filipino filmmaker Milkhail Red “Philippines is now known as the content moderation capital of the world”. “Moderators work in clandestine or shadowy operations and are often exposed to the filth of society, watching countless videos and images with disturbing and graphic content, which can lead to lasting trauma, as well as psychological and emotional distress all for a low wage.”

 The Influence and need to change

The main aim of the film Deleter is to showcase the world the darkside of Content moderator’s world as they don’t have the access of proper work support, mental health support and counseling. Deleter is written by Milkhail Red along with his brother Nikolas. This will be the first film of the Actress Nadine Lustre along with director Milkhail Red. The film is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Let’s see whether this movie is going to give us the best chills and make a position for itself in Film fare or not.

Watch the trailer here: