Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively welcomes their third Baby Girl!!

The Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds shared the first picture of his newborn baby girl on Twitter this Wednesday. However, it was the biggest shock for Ryan fans as they’ve never seen Ryan and Blake keeping their lives secret.

They both are known as an open book on social media when it comes to their private lives. They do like sharing about themselves with their fans as they can understand them personally as well.

Ryan shared the first picture of his newborn baby girl

On Wednesday, Reynolds posted a beautiful picture of his newborn baby and his wife in British Columbia, Canada. Though the baby was facing the camera entirely, the couple knowingly covered her face with a smiley face on top of hers.

Along with his family photo, Ryan tried to share an important message about climate change.

The couple shared that we want our kids to have the same upbringing, which we had in our childhood. Reynolds shared, On October 21, the candidate you vote will help to shape climate policy. I want my kids to experience the vast and natural playgrounds to play just like me,

Ryan loves to be a father to girls not boys

The couple shared the news of expecting a third child in May, where Lively showed off her bump at the premiere of his husband’s movie, Pokeman, Detective Pikachu. In that premier only, he shared that, I love to be a father to girls, it is like a dream come true. He said to Entertainment Weekly, If I could have nine daughters, I would be thrilled to have them all. The couple has become a parent of three daughters now, Inez 3 years old, James 4 years old, and a newborn baby.

He also shared why he doesn’t want to have boys; I had three brothers and always found my home destroyed. Four of us were just terrible. I want my home to be at home.