4 am!! That is the time when Harry Styles gives relationship advises to his fans! Being honest and vulnerable is his primary advice!!

The ‘One-Direction’ band star Harry Styles surprised one of his fans by giving her advises related to relationship and love life that too at 4 AM in a direct message on Twitter.

The fan shared a screenshot of her conversation with the boy band star. The fan shared the screenshot with a huge heart emoji hiding his response. The fan wrote on her twitter, “Mr. Styles gave me very good advice at 4 am at my place. Can’t fall back asleep again,”.


She wrote in her reply to Harry Styles, “Thank You from the bottom of my heart, Harry Styles. I’ll do it and let you know how it went. If you ever need someone to talk to, dm me any time any day. Thank You again,”. The fan with user Id Tisha had asked the singer for advice on how she should tell a boy that she had feelings for him for several years. She shared some part of her tweet that she had written to him earlier, “Be honest and vulnerable; that’s what makes you feel human. And feeling human, the good and the bad is what life is.”