DC unveils New creative team for Batman comic

Tom King is preparing to co-launch the upcoming Batman/Catwoman series with artist Clay Mann, wrapping up his run on the Batman comic of DC by the end of this year. This year on Batman Day (this year 21st September) DC announced its new creative team that will be taking over the Batman comic book after King leaves.

DC unveils New creative team for Batman comic 5

DC publisher Dan DiDio announced that James Tynion IV, the current Justice League, and Justice League Dark scribe, will go on to become the new writer for the series with January’s no. 86. Tynion will be teaming with artist Tony Daniel. Dan made the announcement at an event in New York. James Tynion IV, former Batman writer Scott Snyder, artist Brad Walker, and current Detective Comics writer Peter J. Tomasi were also present at the event.

This is not the first time that James Tynion IV is involved in the creative team of Dark Knight. He has written the Detective Comics run that led to the launch of the DC Universe Rebirth era of the long-running series. Tynion has also written Batman Eternal and Batman and Robin Eternal with his current Justice League writing partner, Snyder. Other than Tynion, Tony Daniel also has a long history with the character having drawn (and occasionally written) various Batman comics since the year 2007.

DC unveils New creative team for Batman comic 6

Tomeu Morey will come on board the series as a color artist. While Danny Miki will ink Tony Daniel’s pencils.