DAY 6’s Young K Shares a Message to Fans Ahead of His Military Enlistment

DAY6’S Young K to enlist in the military delivers a farewell message to fans 

On August 16, DAY6‘s Young K declared that he was all set to serve his country and that he will be enlisting for military training on October 12. As the day arrives, Yong K shares a sweet message with his fans. Keep reading to know more about the “sweet message”!

A sweet message to fans!

Young K enrolled for his military training at a recruit training centre earlier today. As per sources, he will then serve in KATUSA, the Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. In fact, this will make him the first-ever K-pop singer to join KATUSA. 

Young K gives a sweet message to fans
JYP Entertainment

However, before enrolling, the pop idol gave a heartfelt message to all of his fans. With the aid of his label, JYP Entertainment, Young K shared a few words with his fans. In the message, the singer said that he often promises himself to live in the present. He further added that the days spent like that have accumulated to create the Young K of today and that he’d like to spend his days in the military as fully as he had until now.

The idol also shared his hopes of having a concert after returning from his military duties in good health. He also expressed how he might still feel nostalgic about the thrill of being on stage at a concert even after his enlistment, just like he does now. Towards the end of his message, the singer talked about the delicious meals served in KATUSA. He also said that he’s looking forward to it. And finally, the pop idol said, “I hope that all of you will also eat well and always be healthy and happy.”

 Wraps up duties of “Kiss the Radio”

Young K
Instagram: @from_youngk

Ahead of joining the military training, Young K wrapped up his duties as host of DAY6’s Kiss the Radio. The k-pop idol already gave a few farewell gifts to his fans, including his first solo mini-album, Eternal.