Dave East recieves death threats and cancels his Boston show!

31year old rapper, Dave East cancels his Boston show appearance. According to news, “In a now-deleted message to fans, East says the owner of the club received two anonymous phone calls “that they were gone shoot me tonight lol so they ain’t let me in the club. East, however, was unconvinced that his life was actually in danger. “I know one thing, if a ***** gone do that he ain’t calling the club telling them,” he wrote,” offering his apologies to fans who were looking forward to seeing him while dismissing the club owner as “a bozo.”

This news made lots of his fans disappointed and sad. They were all looking forward to it and now with this sudden unexpected news, it was a disappointment for the fans. He apologizes for the inconvenience caused but many were looking forward to seeing him performing live in Boston.

East was supposed to perform in the city then later to host a party in a club. But due to this circumstance, he had to cancel. He posted it on Instagram. Even the East was sad and frustrated with the situation. The actor was also saying how a person before committing a crime would not call and say that they are going to do it. The best a person does is by hiding. Here it is probably the club owner who is not interested to have the rapper in his club.

East was calling the club owner as a “buzz” because he was just making some silly excuses and because of this, he had to take down the program.

Well, now East is busy with his next album called, ” Survival.” He is been busy and currently into the work if promoting it. In ‘Survival’ East is in the role of a rap biopic “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.”