Daredevil Reboot Series Reported to Start Production in 2022

The Disney+ move marks a new beginning

If rumors are to be believed, we will be seeing Daredevil in his own solo series real soon! Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) made his official MCU entry in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) lawyer. Next came reports that he will appear in the She-Hulk series on Disney+ as the lead character is also a lawyer. But will he be limited to just cameos, or will there be a lot more? Clearly more, since Cox himself has been sharing little nuggets of information on how the character’s future will shape up.

Blind Faith Productions LLC

Marvel Studios

It began with a statement from the team at Murphy’s Multiverse. Murphy’s shed light on a new business entity of Disney that can be working on the Daredevil reboot. It’s name is Blind Faith Productions LLC, and the name is heavily connected to the Man Without Fear. Matthew Murdock is a blind man, and his morality is heavily dependent on his faith. He takes on a devil persona to fight crime, despite being a stout catholic.

Afterwards came the Netflix Marvel shows getting shifted to Disney+. A reboot for Daredevil appeared on the latest issue of Production Weekly as well. It showed Kevin Feige and Chris Gray as the producers. Gray previously produced Marvel’s Behind the Mask docuseries, a Disney+ exclusive.

Release date

Daredevil cast
Marvel Studios

In another statement, former GWW editor-in-chief KC Walsh reported that the show will begin filming in late 2022 or early 2023. This means, we can see Charlie Cox, and hopefully Elden Henson, Deborah Ann-Woll, and the other cast return.

Season 3 of the series ended with Benjamin Poindexter, aka Bullseye fitting more into the role, and Matt reclaiming his faith. While Disney will be rebooting the series, we hope they maintain the gritty tone it has.