Dancing With The Star’s, Kym Johnson Reveals Plans ‘To Have More’ Kids With Robert Herjavec

Kym Johnson was certainly in a cheerful mood as the Dancing with the Stars pro, 43, gushed that “I would love to have more kids,” on Wednesday, May 6, while promoting Celebrity Watch Party.

While, her husband, Robert Herjavec,57, joined in, “No, no, no. We can’t even get a dog. Are you kidding? We actually thought about getting a puppy in all this but all the shelters are empty.”

For now, the celebrity couple is fixated on raising their 2-year-old twins, Haven and Hudson. The family is certainly enjoying their time, while in isolation due to the pandemic and their 2-year-old twins are following their mother’s footsteps as they have already learned a bit of tap dancing.

Robert Herjavec also bought small sized tap-dancing shoes for the twins, as he tries to keep them entertained by dancing and singing with them. He also added the kids already love music and dancing.

Johnson admitted that she kind of knows that her kids will go up to become dancers, but right now her plan is to keep them busy and do everything to see and know what they like.

Kym and Robert welcomed their twins, Haven and Hudson in 2018, twenty-four months after their wedding in Beverly Hills. Herjavec has a son Brandon and daughters Caprice and Skye from his previous marriage with wife, Diane.

The duo is certainly putting the kids first, and are few of the celebrities who are absolutely crushing it in co-parenting.

The couple is also a part of Fox’s Celebrity Watch Party, where the couple watches popular TV shows and News channels, while the fans watch. Johnson explained that it is basically a show where the fans can watch their homes and see how they react to different things that everyone has seen.

Kym Johnson stated that her husband laughs, cries, and is very fun to watch TV with. So, people can always hope to get good reactions from him. She even revealed that there is no crew present and they just turn on the camera’s on their own and they show is just recorded then.