Dan Levy is Making a Debut as a Director with Netflix’s Good Grief

Dan Levy: All set to direct and cast himself in his film titled ” Good Grief”

Dan Levy is a multitasker now as he makes his feature film debut with ” Good Grief “, by directing, acting and producing his film. Levy’s film seems to be in touch with his personal story as he said “Good Grief is a cautionary tale about friendship and loss and all the mess that comes with it when the truth is something you’ve evaded for most of your life.” Divulging further on it, he says that the movie is “funny,” it is “bittersweet.”

On a personal note Dan Levy explained that the movie helped him in his grief and he hopes that “it does the same for other people as well.”

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Being a member of the LGBT community, Levy is seen to be covered with controversies as he declares himself as gay in 2020. Levy loves London even after residing in Toronto and Los Angeles.

People he chose to work with 

The movie will be Starring Levy, popular actor Ruth Negga , Himesh Patel from Station Eleven, Luke Evans who is best known for his role in hit “Beauty and the Beast”, Celia Imrie, Arnaud Valois, David Bradley from popular marvel series “Game of Thrones” and Jamael Westman. With the finest actors of all times, Levy is quite confident about his team and film.

A little about his film

Levy’s screenplay will be of a story of Marc Dreyfus, who seems to be in depression and lost, with anxiety issues and life full of sadness, who gets married and tries to recover the pain after his mom died. But after his husband also dies unexpectedly, Marc gets into overthink and his grief also pops out. So, he tries all of his best and efforts by sending him and his closest friend on a Parisian weekend for self-realization and delf recovery.

Dan Levy's take on emotional story
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The story is full of emotions and a motive to live life to the fullest, the genre is quite attractive for the current youth. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorns, oh sorry, not popcorn, grab your tissue paper and watch the movie at its release.