Cynthia Bailey talks about her secret for looking young and is still searching a place for her wedding with Mike Hill!!

According to the reports from “The Hollywood Life,” Cynthia Bailey, during the release party of Cynthia Bailey X Genlux Magazine Cover, was seen gushing over her fiancĂ©, Mike Hill.

On 17th October, the reality star was celebrating the release of her Genlux Magazine Cover. The 52-years-old star explained that she was glowing and that the glow was not because of any type of cosmetics.

Cynthia Bailey’s popularity has increased ever since she took part in the reality show, “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” The reality star looked very elevated in West Hollywood, California, during the release party. As she spoke to the reporters from HollywoodLife, she reflected that she is indeed feeling very good these days and very happy too.

Image: YouTube

When Cynthia Bailey was asked about what her secret was since she looked younger than most people her age woman, Cynthia Bailey replied that her secret to looking young was love and that she was lots of sex with her fiancé. Cynthia Bailey added that she was not glowing because of the makeup on her face.

As everyone knows, the reality star has been engaged to Mike Hill since the 26th of July this year, and she even revealed a few details of her upcoming wedding. Cynthia Bailey revealed to the reporters from HollywoodLife that she and Mike Hill are still in the beginning stages of planning their wedding and that their big day is going to be on 10-10-20, nearly a year later.

When Cynthia Bailey was asked whether her wedding would be broadcasted, she replied that it would go on live on the Bravo Network. Then she went to reveal that she first locked eyes with Mike Hill in 2018 on the talk show hosted by Steve Harvey.

Cynthia Bailey said that the last three months of the year are very popular times of the year for big occasions and that she still has not fixed a location for her big day.