Coronavirus Lockdown: Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, and Other Celebs Take Part in #DoYourPartChallenge


With the Killer virus roaming around the globe and spreading at a faster rate it has shut down the globe. The pandemic has even locked down the celebs at their homes and is spending their time at their home with their family. Everyone is spending their time in different ways some have started doing the household chores and some have working out at their houses. And apart from this few of them are taking different challenges on social media.

Few of our celebs have taken challenges in such a way that they motivate the people to stay at their homes.

Here we are with some of them!

With the present circumstance prompting nations settling on lockdown, a few people have been enduring with issues many issues. One of Hollywood’s mainstream couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have collaborated with Demi Lovato to turn out in the help of these individuals.


As indicated by a Hollywood report, a few celebs have ventured up and are taking an interest in the #DoYourPartChallenge which empowers cafés conveying nourishment to collaborate with individuals to help the required.

Look at what celebs need to state about responding to this call here:

Aside from Demi and the Bieber’s, Jamie Lynn Spears and Mark Cuban to have taken an interest in the #DoYourPartChallenge. Aside from this, few celebs have been taking to internet-based life to encourage their fans to remain at home and practice social removing to bring the spread of coronavirus in charge.

Apart from Demi Lovato joined the activity and expressed that she will send nourishment to individuals out of luck. She will be sending dinners to families deprived to help them during this difficult time. Remark beneath to give her how people are helping in your neighborhood networks!

She also challenged @scooterbraun, @arianagrande, @justinbieber, and @haileybieber next!! #OpenForDelivery. if requesting nourishment through a conveyance administration PLEASE select the leave at entryway alternative, wash your hands in the wake of snatching the request for at any rate 20-40 seconds, and wipe down the bundling and surfaces that it contacts, she composed on Instagram.

She asked people to send her a dm on the off chance that if anyone is in need of additional food during this time! Much obliged to you to @doordash for helping get this going affection this test!! We should proceed to all do what we can for one another, Justin Bieber put a video on his Instagram post close by a video with spouse Hailey Baldwin.

In the interim, the USA has now flooded past China and Italy to turn into the focal point of the worldwide coronavirus flare-up. The all outnumber of affirmed COVID-19 cases in the nation arrived at 82,404 on March 26, overwhelming China’s 81,782 cases and Italy’s 80,589, Johns Hopkins University announced.

The circumstance has negatively affected the nation’s economy. As indicated by a report by Bloomberg, about 3.28 million Americans petitioned for joblessness protection in the week finished March 21.

Let us stay home, stay hygiene stay safe, wash your hands regularly.