Concerns on the safety in New York City as a kidnapping case raises an alarm!!

New York City, also referred to as ‘Big Apple’, witnesses a case of abduction of a 16-year-old girl by four men while she was walking with her mother. But, there’s a piece of joyful news for the girl as she has been released by the kidnappers ‘unharmed’.


NYC’s concerns grew for the kidnapped girl

It was late Monday night when the incident took place. Karol Sanchez, the victim, was with her mother walking on a sidewalk in the Bronx about a mile east of the Yankee stadium. They were stopped by a beige-colored four-door sedan as two men grabbed the girl and fiercely shoved her into their car. Karol’s mother, the eyewitness of the incident, gave her level best in saving the girl from the kidnappers but her efforts went in vain as they drove away quickly heading east on East 156th Street.

According to the Grainy Surveillance video obtained by the WABC, the event unfolded within seconds. The grainy surveillance video was circulated across social media and news outlets as people’s concerns for the girl grew. As per the investigators, the men appeared to be in their 20s and were dressed in dark-colored attires. At the crime site, Karol, the victim, was wearing a dark blue short jacket, white sweater, blue jeans, and black sneakers.


The NYPD is still investigating the case as they found out that the girl staged this kidnapping incident all by herself and there is no danger to the community. They didn’t seek the public’s help in locating the suspect. The case seemed to be a bit on the peculiar side as such an event of the releasing of the girl by the kidnappers without demanding anything from the girl’s family, was unlikely to happen.

The NYPD’s 40th Precinct took it to twitter. They announced that the girl has been found and they have achieved a victory.