Is Donald Trump going to be the third US president to be impeached?

The US president, Donald Trump, finds himself in deep water as his letter to the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, urging her to halt the impeachment proceedings was regarded as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘really sick’.


Trump on brink of impeachment as the historic voting is set to place deciding the US President’s future

Pelosi while walking across the halls of Congress on Tuesday where she came across a number of reporters inquiring about the letter sent to her by President Trump. To all the questions being drafted to her, she replied that she hasn’t got the opportunity to read the full letter but she has the essence of it and claimed that the letter was sickening.

The Democrats, who have been accused of waging an “unconstitutional abuse of power”, enforced Trump write a six-page letter to the speaker as he wanted her to put his impeachment at a halt. But now, after all his attempts to save himself from being impeached, he is on the verge of being charged by the house majority as the president must be punished for his doings which is against the favor of the country. He was also counting on nearly $400 million in military aid as his country confronts a hostile neighbor, Russia.

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The ultimate reason for Trump’s current condition

The US Prez is said to have personal relations with the Ukrainian President as Trump has been identified using his powers that could benefit him. As per the sources, Trump has a role in providing military aid for $400 million as his country confronts a hostile neighbor, Russia.

According to Speaker Pelosi, no one is above the law and Trump has violated the terms which have been laid in the constitution. She feels that Trump has subverted America’s Democracy and Obstructed Justice to which Trump replied that the Republicans are the ones who have brought pain for their selfish, personal, political and partisan gain.