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Columbian Artist J.Balvin Has Contracted The COVID-19 Virus, Urges Fans To Be Very Careful!

One of the biggest Colombian pop stars who has made a big name for.himself in the music industry, J Balvin has made a huge revelation and warns fans against it.

Popstar J.Balvin Has Contracted The COVID Virus! Have A Look At The Video.

The Columbian pop star has reportedly contacted the Coronavirus and is in recovery for the time being. The singer and rapper urge people to not joke around and be serious about the virus and it is seriously dreadful. We hope the singer soon jumps back to health.

Moreover, he went on to record a small. message for everyone saying to take care and further saying that this not a joke as the virus is real and pretty dangerous. He confessed that while many think that they might not contract it they eventually do and that’s when it hits them. He said he got it and got it bad! Take a look at the video given below where the artist is making the announcement and spreading awareness at the same time.

The Columbian Star Urges Fans To Not Take It As A Joke As The Virus Is Indeed Deadly!

While the terror of the virus is going to spread its deathly pangs all over the world, several celebrities have also fallen prey to this virus. While some have recovered within a few weeks, some had to struggle and a few had died due to complications.

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were among the first celebs who contracted the disease. However, after taking proper treatment they soon came back to normal.  They thanked the heath authorities for taking such good care and nursing them back to health.

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