Rapper T.I Shouts As He Discovered His Son Having Marijuana At A Family Vacation! Check it out.

Parenting is no easy job. It takes a lot of hard work and patience and love. One of the celebs had to be the hard parent when he caught his teen son doing something which might not be liked by any parent!

This Rapper Caught His Son Having Marijuana During A Family Vacation!

Apparently, rapper T.I. caught his teenage son King smoking marijuana that also during a family vacation! He did something and that’s what fans would like to take a look at!

While the family went on a vacation with people laughing, playing around, King was in a hot tub smoking on some marijuana and was red-handedly caught by his father. The whole thing got recorded in a video where the rapper caught his son indulging in his recreational activities.

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And the Coolest couple award goes to….🥇

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The Whole Thing Got Recorded In A Live Video!

While the video was not a complete one and was soon switched off, T.I shouts on top of his voice and says about kicking his som’s ass after discovering what was he up to! We still don’t know what kind of punishment King got but it surely wasn’t an easy one. No parent would have been calm after what happened! Well, a big punishment might be coming King’s way.

This is not the first time the rapper made headlines due to the whole parenting thing. He faced major backlash when he confessed to take her daughter,Deyjah Harris  to the gynecologist to get her hymen checked. The thing went to such an extend that his daughter had to take a social media break due to embarrassment. The rapper apologized for his behavior and was remorseful enough to put Deyjah in such a situation