Colin Kaepernick has decided to team up with Disney/ESPN for a social cause. Check the intent behind it.

The racial discrimination demonstration that came about in the USA with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by one of the policemen was not only disheartening but also demeaning to the long-fought struggle by the racial discrimination. The event erupted a long duration of protests and fights among the lacks and the state. People wanted their birthrights, the rights to equality, and wished to fight the discrimination that the country and the people are suffering from in the status quo.

What has the country or the people done to ensure equality?

The country and the citizens all over the western countries, not only the USA but also Europe have ensured that there is peace and tranquility maintained around and have initiated that by removing the statues of those who promoted or glorified the process of racial discrimination. The companies in the USA have taken a major step ahead by making use of channels or platforms such as the LA production company named Ra Vision Media.

That company has decided to take up racial and social changes in the country. one such trending support has been provided by Colin Kaepernick who had taken up the decision to team up with Disney/ESPN to promote racial and social justice to all. These have been one of the many examples laid out to the public.

The celebrities and influential people world-over have decided to foster uniformity and unity among all. Irrespective of anyone’s caste, creed, or race to name a few, no one should be judged or maltreated on any of the above grounds. This is something that every individual must ensure, however, the celebrities have taken up a step that is well-appreciated by the citizens of the country.