Aaryn, Rickey Smiley’s daughter faced a life-threatening situation at the Houston shooting. What is her condition now?

Waking up to a call of your daughter being shot by some goons is not the thing that anyone would ever want. Sleeping and wondering if your child who is out for work is obvious thinking. It won’t be a surprise if as a parent, someone thinks for their kid’s betterment and health while they grow old and become independent.


Dealing with the world is something that needs to be taught to every individual as that is one of the most important traits anyone could ever have. What if the person who got shot by others, as mentioned in the starting is a celebrity or someone who we know? That’s when the world knows it too, not just the family.


What was the accident that took place recently in the states?

Trending as it is, the comedian Rickey Smiley has known for his ability to make people laugh with his jokes. A comedian by profession, he is good at it too. However, destiny had something sad waited for him. He is affectionate towards his daughter, Aaryn.


The above-described event was not a fantasy but a reality. It has happened to the Smileys. Aaryn was out with her companions when she met with road rage and fell. What waited next was even more distressing, she was shot not once, but 4 times after that. The event was a bad one for her. In Houston, the incident took place and blew her parents off when they came to know the news that she was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. She was at an untraceable situation where the police haven’t yet been capable to trace the faulty. Waking up to the news was a nightmare for her parents.