Chicago PD: Production Faces New Challenges Amidst Covid-19 Surge and Halted Shoot!

An unfortunate halt on the production of Chicago PD Season 9

The fan favourite NBC crime drama, Chicago PD has been a great series since 2014. Interesting story, amazing characters and great plot twists have made all the fans fall more and more in love with the series. After the end of season 8, fans were anticipated for season 9. But, an unfortunate incident has left the fans worried and disheartened.

A bad start to the year

Chicago PD

Chicago PD has continued even during the pandemic. But this time, after a number of positive covid tests amidst the cast and crew has put the production at a pause. Reports are that the covid positive crew members were replaced and the production was being continued with the new crew and altered schedule but, now the shooting has been suspended for two weeks.

The fans are now worried and sad. The show continued in 2020 and 2021 amidst the pandemic while maintaining all the protocols. But due to the increase of Covid, especially the more infectious Omicron in 2022, the NBCU is forced to halt the production until the situation is under control.

Effects on other shows

Chicago PD

On the other side, Last Wednesday another Chicago show, Chicago Fire production has again got put on hold due to same reason. Multiple members of the team were tested positive for covid+.

While Chicago PD and Fire are temporarily paused, Chicago Med is still in production as this show has different crew and cast. But it is expected that Chicago Fire production will also resume in few days. So, fans can expect the other shows to resume as soon as the situation gets well. Few other shows such as, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles etc. are also temporarily shut down due to covid surge.