Charlize Theron’s Old Guard might have a phenomenal sequel! Here’s what the director has to say.

Some stories feel like never-ending. Many movies and series that have made an appearance in the entertainment industry wish to never stop. Some movies have a huge fanbase that even if the story has an end to it, their requests and heartfelt desires force the story writers to go on drafting sequels one after the other.

The same has been recently seen with the movie The Old Guard. The movie was initially made to have three sequels in it. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, the movie series has had a never-ending attraction by the fans. The first part made a huge debut with a huge fanbase revolving around it from the premiere of the series. 

What about the upcoming sequel?

Answering to all the requests of the fans over social media handles, the director has decided to make more sequels of the series. Originally decided to have 3 series, however, if the public demands, the director would not be incentivized to refuse them and would have to come with more parts of the movie.

The story as to progress sees more scope of improvement for the story to build upon the existing premise and come up with more incidences as the sequels are released. The way the series ended was wholesome, except the fans were looking forward to more into it as they felt their hearts caught up in the story and were reluctant to accept the ending of the movie series too early as it was.

However, as the great piece of news came out, fans have more seasons to look up to for their fun and an ever-loved series. Get your Netflix subscriptions already to watch more of your favorite series. For those who haven’t watched it yet, the high ratings would be a reason for them to watch it.