Character analysis of an emotionless, killer machine from Marvel, Nebula.

Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Games are one of the Marvelous movies for our generation. Marvel fans literally got crazy during the release of these films.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has come a long way, with a series of movies, which finally summarizes in these two movies. Throughout the series, we have come across many characters. The character under the spotlight is Nebula.

Nebula is an adopted daughter of Thanos, and sister of Gamora. She was converted into a Humanoid by Thanos. Thanos wanted her to be a soulless, assassinating machine, who would kill anyone her father wants. But, fans have seen a significant change and evolution of this character throughout the series.

Her direct, kind of rude approach towards her teammates, for some reason, makes her more interesting. Her reaction regarding situations is different and funny.

In Guardians of Galaxy, it is shown that Nebula is always jealous of Gamora as she was treated in a different way by Thanos as Gamora was better than Nebula in every aspect. As she was a cyborg, her social quotient was very low. She was not able to feel basic human emotions like love, care, etc. She was just created to kill.

Her mind was totally manipulated and brainwashed by Thanos as he wants to have a strong grip on her. Her dry and sarcastic humor remains one of the most loved aspects of Nebula.

We have seen her suffering a lot from the punishments given to her by Thanos for her failure. Thanos once tore apart Nebula’s body as a form of punishment. This cruelty helped her build an emotionless character that we have seen in the movie.

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