Celine Dion Celebrated An Iconic Moment In The History Of Music ! Check it out!

It seems like today is an iconic day and this musical icon is making everyone remember why this day is pretty special in the world of music. Let’s find out more about all the details given below.


Celine Dion Is Celebrating An Iconic Moment In The World Of Music. Here’s What We Know.

Twenty-five years ago Celine Dion launched the iconic album of all time titled Of Them! The album was written and directed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, which went in to be the fifteenth installment of the queen diva which is still to this day the most sold French album in the history of music thus creating a groundbreaking record.

In order to celebrate the iconic moment, Celine Dion has shared video memories to DVD “Live in Paris“to his thousands of followers on her Instagram account. Fans got to see the musical sensation in a while new black and white look with stylish short hair. It indeed was a moment to remember. Have a look at the image that will take you back in that glorious time when the singer looked dapper in short hair.


The Singing Sensation Also Joined Hands In The One World Concert.

Recently, Celine Dion joined hands with several other musical celebs and performed at the two-hour TV special “One World: Together At Home,” which was organized by Lady Gaga. It was the second part of an eight-hour event supporting the World Health Organization alongside advocacy organization Global Citizen and working for the people in crisis during this difficult time.


My Heart Will Go On hitmaker marked the Iconic moment with an array of videos and images of the time when the songs were immensely popular and has created History.