From Anime To Japanese Trauma , Meet The New Age Artists Takashi Murakami Who Is Teaming Up With All Hollywood A- Listers including Drake and Billie Eilish!

It seems like from rapper Drake to Kanye West everyone is pretty obsessed with this Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for his modern yet unique style of art and let’s find out what is this new obsession all about!

Meet The New Age Trending Artists: Takashi Murakami! Here Are All The Details.

Apparently, artist Takashi Murakami has soon risen to fame due to his his self-coined ‘super-flat’ style which includes everything ranging from anime to sexuality and Japanese trauma surrounding contemporary events for a vibrant and disconcerting trip. He’s out of the box style has soon garnered attention from all people along with celebs.

He has soon become a personal favorite of avid art collector kike Leonardo Di Caprio and Kanye West. Takashi’s name is pretty much in trend these days as he is all set and collaborating with yet another A-lister: singer Billie Eilish! Take a look at some of the colorful images right from his Instagarna account.

He Is Collaborating With Many A- Listed Celebs! Have A Look.

The two are teaming up to create these affordable Uniqlo tees, which amalgamate together his signature flower mascot and her slanted Blohsh logo. So expect some GenY magic waiting to happen which is already creating quite a buzz on all social media platforms.  Have a look at the two teaming up !

This is not the first time the trending artist is collaborating with a Hollywood celebrity as he has also teamed up with Supreme, Off-White, Kanye West’s brand Yeezy, and Drake’s brand OVO. The breezy yet stylish and quintessential streetwear culture is what the artist excels in! Travis Scott has even wore some of the designs created by the Japanese artist.