Celebrating Beyoncé’s birthday blast with her top 5 songs which you can’t miss!!

It is Beyoncé’s 38th birthday, and fans can’t get enough of her well in advance celebration. Beyoncé had her birthday on 4th September, but the pop star celebrated it three days early at the backstage of 2019 Made in America Festival in Philadelphia.

The celebration was a small intimate gathering which included only Beyoncé’s friends and family and her husband, Jay-Z.
On 3rd September 2019, Beyoncé took to Instagram to treat her fans with a glimpse of her birthday bash. She posted a number of pictures and a video that showed her friends and family celebrating her birthday.

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In the video, Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z could be seen singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. While Beyoncé smiled and swayed, holding a personalized birthday cake that said, “Happy Birthday, B!”. Later, her 49-year-old husband was also seen holding a large bottle of champagne as he cheered for the crowd and sang on the top of his voice for his dear wife.

Celebrating Beyoncé's birthday blast with her top 5 songs which you can't miss!! 3

To commemorate our favorite popstar’s birthday, here is a list of her top 5 songs.

    • Halo: Beyoncé’s 2009 hit that can still mesmerize you with its tune and lyrics. Beyoncé recorded the song for her third studio album, I am Shasha Fierce.

    • Crazy In Love:
      Looks like it was this 2003 song that made her and Jay-Z crazy in love for each other.

    • Irreplaceable:
      We knew Beyoncé was the best when this song came in 2006. The song made us realize that our popstar is irreplaceable.

    • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it):
      This amazing 2008 song, although named Single Ladies was as enjoyable for every person. This was also for her studio album I am Shasha Fierce.

    • If I were a Boy:
      Don’t we all ladies wish for this every month at least once. And then, we had Beyoncé singing our wish out loud in 2008.