Charlize Theron is making a comeback in “Fast and Furious” in 90s look!! Her Bowl cut look on Instagram is taking all the attention!!

Bowl cut used to be one of those haircuts that would instantly be disliked by all and would lead the head that had wore the bowl to be ridiculed and decidedly uncool. But times are changing, and well bowl cuts are apparently cool.

Charlize Theron is making a comeback in "Fast and Furious" in 90s look!! Her Bowl cut look on Instagram is taking all the attention!! 3

Various celebrities are donning the brave look, and the latest among them is Charlize Theron. The actress revealed on her Instagram post her new bowl cut hairstyle and may have given this throwback trend the biggest push into the mainstream style. The 44-year-old actress seems to have actually found the way to make the hairstyle work. The picture shows a short layer of fringe and some honey highlights.


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She’s baaaaack #Fast9

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But the catch is that Charlize Theron braved the new look not because she liked the style it seems. The Instagram post was tagged #Fast9, which means the hairstyle is for her role as Cipher in the Fast and Furious franchise. Nevertheless, the hairstyle does seem edgy and cool on the Academy Award-winning actress.

The new-look was done by Adir Abergel who used as his inspiration pictures of 90s supermodel Linda Evangelista, and the likeness is apparent. The look has the similarity with a pixie cut.
Speaking of other celebrities who have been involved in the attempt to bring back the haircut, Celine Dion appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Model Kaia Geber was also seen sporting a bowl cut during this year’s Fendi AW19 Couture show.


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Mackenzie Davis stars in #Terminator: Dark Fate. In theatres Nov 1st.

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Another actress seen with the bowl cut was Mackenzie Davis in the action flick Terminator: Dark Fate. Ivanka Trump also debuted the look recently, but that was a bit longer. The 90s trends are here to stay.