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CBS Launches a new Internal Review on the talk About Racism in Sharon Osbourne’s Heated Exchange

The charged discussion’s fallout in the Wednesday episode of The Talk still continues now that the network is issuing a statement to Deadline Friday night. In a statement, CBS said that they are committed and looking forward to a respectful, inclusive and diverse workplace and that the matter concerning the Wednesday episode of The Talk will be going under internal review.

Sharon Osbourne had become very combative and emotional in the  Wednesday episode of The Talk which has not been made available by CBS online. In a discussion with the co-host about her public support, Piers Morgan has been receiving even fayre his comments on Meghan Markle.

Notably, Sheryl Underwood asserted that if we are standing with a friend and are giving them a safe haven and validation to act by them which is being considered to be racist. Among all the incendiary remarks morgan saying that he did not believe in Markle’s suicidal thoughts was majorly the reason for the outburst.

Osbourne being combative didn’t ask Sheryl why did she think that Morgan was being considered racist but started talking about how she felt like being held on to an electric chair. She continued emotionally challenging Sheryl to point out where had her best friend used any racist words. To which Sheryl replied that Morgan didn’t use the exact words of racism but the implication and reaction pretty racist.

Twitter was there for the apology


After the broadcast of the interview, Osbourne took to her Twitter and tweeted an apology in which she asked for forgiveness from anyone who was offended or felt confused or if they were let down by her. She added to it that she panicked and got defensive and blindsided. On the other hand, morgan retweeted   Osbourne’s apology and demanded an apology from the talk for bullying and shaming Sharon for defending him.

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