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Fans Are In For A Heartbreak As There Is Not Going To Be A Pink Floyd Reunion!

While several popular bands have went their separate ways, there were some ongoing speculations about Pink Floyd coming together for an exciting reunion. However, fans might be in for a major heartbreak as one of the member have something else to say about the possible reunion.

David Gilmour Finally Breaks His Silence About Pink Floyd’s Possible Reunion!

In a recent exclusive interview, David Gilmour has stated that there’s not going to be any potent riot reunion, he added further by saying that it has ran its course and they are pretty much done with it. Gilmour has further said that he is all for Roger Waters doing whatever he wants to do and enjoying himself.

Pink Floyd

Roger Waters is also on the same page about the whole reunion thing. Roger Walters is not quite thrilled about the idea of a possible reunion, talking about this last year with Rolling Stone that a reunion wouldn’t be nice.

Roger Walters Is On The Same Page About The Whole Reunion !

While talking about a reunion, Walters says that while it is different for a fan of those days of Pink Floyd, then they will have a different point of view. Walter, however, had to had to live through it. That was his life and she knows in the wake of it, how he had been cast as something of a villain. So, with these words out, we are not sure about a reunion!

Pink Floyd

Gilmour, also doesn’t want to go back while confessing that  he don’t want to go back and play stadiums and is free to do exactly what he wants to. It seem alike fans are in for a shock as these celebs are not coming together for a reunion and that is not something that might be happening anytime soon!

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