CBS has got the ‘Survivor’ fans and Host Jeff Probs outraged as it reveals the Spoilers of the Show in a Promo….

The CBS has released the trailer of the hit show “Survivors ” and fans are not happy about it. The trailer had lots of revelations that angered the fans. The host of survivor Jeff Probs was so outraged that he requested the fans to lash out at CBS for doing such a thing.

The promo released by CBS revealed that one of the two tribes is going to lose its power on the tribal council. This particular promo was not supposed to be released as it revealed the climax of the episode. Obviously, this is not what a true fan would like.

Jeff Probs who is the host as well as producer of “Survivors” is the most offended. Though he is the producer of the show, he has no powers over the promos being released. He is asking the fans for help so that he could get control over what is being shown in the promo. The promo which was released was one of the most important parts of the episode and the producers wanted to keep it as a secret.

Knowing the fact that survivors season 39 has already been filmed and season 40 shooting will start, it should be noted that the show has come a long way and the producers should also have some control over the promos rather than only CBS editing the footage.

Some fans are also demanding the full introduction of the episodes so that they could a glance at every contestant on the show. The intro soundtrack of the show was also loved by the fans. So, the audience is demanding that back.

The ‘Survivor’ first season aired in 2000 and was successful. The TV show features numerous people from different cultures who survive on an island with lots of challenges given to them.

Showing the spoilers was definitely a big mistake from the CBS side as it is definitely going to reduce the number of viewers. After getting such a cruel response, maybe CBS would learn a lesson not to show spoilers in the promo.