Consuming Alcohol Daily is Far More Dangerous than Binge Drinking, Reveals Study.

According to the latest studies, the consumption of alcohol regularly is very dangerous for health. It leads to heart rhythm disorder and increases the risk of the disorder by five times. It’s way more harmful than binge drinking.

So, if you are thinking that drinking a small amount of alcohol is not gonna affect you, then you’re wrong. It affects your heart in a very harmful way. In the long run, one could start feeling dizziness, pain in the chest, fatigue, and shortage of breath. So, the best way to avoid these symptoms is to stop drinking regularly.

Details from the research :

The researches conducted a test over a large number (over 9 lakhs) of men for about 8 years and found out that the people who drank daily were the most vulnerable to the disorder. Those who drank once in a week were the least affected even when their dosage was more than the former group.

Drinking daily caused a risk ratio of 1.42 and once in a week, it was 0.93 which is way less compared to the former. The risk of heart disorder increased by almost 8 percent for every intake of a glass of alcohol. However, binge drinking was not at all responsible for causing heart stroke, according to the studies.

The study also reveals that constant alcohol consumption leads to incomplete sleep which finally leads to an increased rate of heart stroke. It also causes overt disease. And the effect is the same in all regardless of age and gender.

How to reduce the risk :

Alcohol consumption always leads to diseases, heart rhythm disorder being one of them. To stay far away from the disease, one should not only limit the consumption of the amount of alcohol but also reduce the frequency of drinking. Then only, one could stay away from the disease otherwise it is bound to hit you hard.