Cardi B revealed on Angie Martinez’s “Untold Stories of Hip Hop”: Entertainment industry try to shut out people with sexually harassment history! It would be shocking to see her share her part of struggle to deal with sexual harassment!!

Angie Martinez’s soon to come series Untold Stories of Hip Hop will be featuring an in-depth conversation with many rap stars. She invited Cardi B too for appearing on her set for the premiere episode of her series.

The reporters told that rapper Cardi B would be sharing her personal experiences before the times of bright side of her carrier. Cardi will be sharing her #MeToo moment as well as the Press rhymer’s first time having sex with her husband Offset. The story of Cardi will be a shocking one to all her fans.

Before the time she hit the top of the charts, Belcalis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B, made her living stripping. The fact is that she has never waived those people off who wanted to listen to her story or who want to listen to her and she has every right to shout her story out as she has worked extremely hard to become the influencer she is today. As a sad truth of the whole entertainment industry she is in, she accepted the fact and said that no one wants to believe that they are indirectly or directly shutting out the group of people that have been sexually harassed or the perpetuating culture of sexual violence by supporting the alleged abusers. And these type of conversations has an importance of their own when it comes to the words of rapper Cardi B if we truly want to make any progress in shutting out the ones who are alleged of such acts.

Apart from Cardi B, West Coast icon Snoop Dogg will also be invited to the premiere of the Untold Stories of Hip Hop as well. The women are not alone in the #MeToo moment, Doggfather too sat down with the host and executive producer, Angie Martinez to share his tale about his history with late Tupac Shakur.

And more interviews are to be done with rapper, A$ap Rocky, DL Khaled, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, Ice-T, MC Lyte, Wyclef Jean, Melly, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and more. The series would be out to watch on Thursday, September 26.