“Cannot wear something heavier than myself”: Madonna whips off her clothes after complaining it weighs more than her.

The upcoming Madame X theatre tour has spiced up on twitter where the god controlled singer Madonna stripped off her clothes during the rehearsals.

The 1985 chartbuster ‘Dress you up’ has been a lesser concern after watching the pop icon undressing by two staff members who followed by addressing the media with a laced bra, corset, and hot pants. Leaning forward, M teased her killer cleavage, as her chest spilled into view.

The clip posted by her on twitter which captioned, when your Dress weighed more than you. Madonna’s Madame X tour kicks off on September 12 New York City where the pop star will play an 18-night residency at the Howard Gilman Opera House before moving on to shows in Chicago and Las Vegas.

The tour is planned to be brought to the UK for 15 nights at London Palladium.

Raising £376 on extortionate, Madge, 60, is demanding a severe amount of money for the fans to see her live in action. According to a source, that it was expected that the fans would pay extra to watch her live in a smaller venue, but the tickets raised the stacks and Madonna is struggling to sell out her strings of intimate concerts in London which are said as a no-good look for the Queen of Pop.

Did she pull off on stage to justify the cost of the ticket? Is this a new way of attracting crowds when you are a teen sensation? The act has risen many questions and created a buzz in social media, which might be some help for the one-time sex symbol. Performing with a heavy outfit takes much energy out of the performer, but her aging shoulders will never carry a gear weighing a ton.