Carly Pearce insecurities were killing her but fiance Michael Ray came for rescue! Read how?

Carly Pearce is getting really straight forward about her struggles just like every other woman faces. The ‘closer to you‘ singer has become a lot open about the various insecurities that bother her. Carly Pearce admitted that facing these insecurities isn’t easy but she is being open about them so that her fans see that she is really like just everybody else.

Carly Pearce told The Kitchn that she thinks that it is really hard not to compare herself with others in her line of work. Carly Pearce added that they have to be on stage for 24/7. Carly Pearce added that the standards social media platforms have also created more lies. She said that she wanted people to her struggling her way through. Carly Pearce said that she realized loving and caring her body is similar to being thankful for your body.

From over a year ago, Carly Pearce has admitted having come a long way. However, she credits most of her success to the support of Michael Ray, her fiance.

Carly Pearce insecurities were killing her but fiance Michael Ray came for rescue! Read how? 3

Carly Pearce said that the industry she is involved in always depends on the way she approaches her relationship and said that authenticity always wins.

Carly Pearce credited her fiance by saying that he has really helped her to become the best version of herself and made her love her body more than ever.

Carly Pearce, 29-years-old, admitted that accepting herself was the hardest battle she has won and added that she is very much grateful to have come out.

Carly Pearce talked about the struggles women faces and said that she has struggled a lot in her early twenties trying to figure out her diet and balanced workout. Carly Pearce said that she was bullied for being really tall and for being awkward. She said she wanted to become the voice of everyone who is struggling out there.