Cameron Douglas claims his father, Michael Douglas was the one who introduced him to the world of drugs!!

Cameron Douglas (40), son of the famous actor Michael Douglas (75) and grandson of legendary Kirk Douglas (102) whose recent book “long way home” got released on 22 October; talks about his struggle with dealing the consequences of addiction, prison sentences and his lifestyle consisting privileges.

The most exciting thing he talks about in his book is the type of serving he was asked to do in his childhood. He revealed that his own father Michael Douglas and his ex-wife Diandra Luker asked him to hand out joints to the guests at the celebrity parties. Although, being a kid, he had no idea about such a dangerous life-consuming substance until he actually started understanding the thing it could do once taken up. Thus, at the age of 13, Cameron started using drugs when he was just a teenager starting with marijuana and then to harder substances like heroin and cocaine.

In his book, he talks about the wreckage he saw in his life because of drugs and how it killed him mentally and physically. He wrote, saying that when you get that far down the rabbit hole, there are two options, prison or death.

Apart from struggling the pain of addiction, he had a hard time fighting the laws which got him caught many times, either on a charge of using or on a charge of selling the narcotics.
In 1999, he got arrested for cocaine possession, followed by the second arrest in 2005 when he got caught for carrying heroin and crack in his car by the Los Angeles police.Two years later, he was again taken in custody when the cops found a syringe of liquid cocaine in his car in Santa Barbara, California.

But his major arrest took place in 2009 when he was busted in DEA sting operation in Manhattan, in which he was accused of possessing huge number of narcotics and selling them illegally and was sentenced to 5 years later it became 8 years of imprisonment when he was convicted of possessing items he got from fellow inmates that tested positive for heroin and cocaine back in 2011.

Cameron’s father talks about his fearful thought of almost losing his son to drug addiction. Michael Douglas, who too battled the consequences of addiction, felt prison was a safe place for his son to get rid of this bog of addiction.

Cameron was released from his 8 years of sentence in 2016. Since then, he’s been doing well and has been living a sober life with his wife Vivienne Thiebes and their 22-month-old daughter, Lua. Further, he has plans for relaunching his acting career.