Budding Comedian And Trans-rights Activist Daphne Dorman Commits Suicide After Posting A Final Goodbye Online 

Daphne Dorman, a trans-rights activist, and budding comic passed away on Friday, October 11, 2019. Sadly, 44-year-old Dorman took her own life. But not before she said a final goodbye. She posted her suicide note on her Facebook account before the deed on Friday. 

In the message, she thanks those close to her and apologizes for hurting them with her decision. She especially mentions her daughter and wants her to know that Dorman loved her very dearly. She posted two pictures alongside the note – one of herself with date 30 April 1975-11 October 2019 edited in. And the other of her and her young daughter Naia in a happy moment. 

The death was confirmed by Daphne’s sister Becky Kugler. She released a tribute in memory of her sibling on social media. Kugler wished she could have helped her “angel” sister through her darkness. She added that they would always love her. 

Furthermore, after the news of the death got out, other tributes poured in. One of them was the Office Of Transgender Initiatives in San Francisco. Unfortunately, suicide is not uncommon in the community. They offered help to any transgender suffering like Dorman. You can reach out to them if you need guidance and counseling before, during or after your transition. 

Just recently, Daphne was mentioned by comedian Dave Chapelle. His Netflix comedy ‘Sticks and Stones’ released on the streaming platform in August. And then swiftly got embroiled in a controversy for its “anti-trans” jokes. Rebutting the critics, Chapelle told a story where Dorman attended his shows and apparently, fully enjoyed his jabs. After the stand-up bit, Daphne allegedly thanked Chapelle for ‘normalizing transgenders.’ 

Daphne herself was working towards a career in comedy before her death. Hailing from Philadelphia, the activist worked as a software engineer before moving o to showbiz.