BTS tuxedos to be put for exhibition at the Grammy’s museum! Everyone seriously needs to take some fashion tips from these handsome K -boys!

If you are a BTS fan, this is great news! BTS tuxedos are going to be displayed in the Grammy Museum for the exhibition! Well, why not, it was so striking and so iconic, everyone deserves to watch it with their own eyes!

BTS has emerged as one of the most famous boy bands in the world. Be it their social media following or their fan following, they are on the top everywhere. They are especially famous for their incredible dance and their unique way of singing. Whenever they perform, they set the stage on ‘Fire’!

The Korean boy band has a special fan following of women. Well why not?  The charming look of the BTS boys is sure to melt anyone’s heart! The boys have an incredible sense of fashion that surely turns a great lot of heads!

Their fashion sense is so good that it is going to be put on show at the Grammy’s museum! The three piece that the BTS boys wore to the Grammy awards is going to be put on display at the Grammy’s museum!  Well really boys, you deserve this!

The outfit will be put in the section of iconic red carpet apperarences. The section includes all the incredible and iconic dresses worn by celebrities over the years. BTS just joined the group which previously included celebrities like Rhianna, Kanye West and Michelle Obama.

BTS is new to the industry but has already given some very big hits. The videos of the K-pop band are specially loved by everyone. Even John Cena is a fan of BTS. In such a short span of time, BTS recently collaborated with the super talented singer Halsey and the song was a big hit.

There is so much more for the BTS to come!  Just wait and see how many records this band is going to make and break!